Spicket River

The Spicket River is the reason Methuen was established where it is.   It is as intertwined with the history of the city as it is with the Methuen Rail Trail.   The Rail Trail cuts straight through the heart of the city, while the river wends its way lazily through.

The river above the Spicket Falls at Hampshire St is ideal for recreational use. In good weather it has a very slow current, and is the home of beaver, otter, very very old snapping turtles.

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  1. Regarding pictures 6 and 7 under the Spicket River heading shows where we used to swim in the early 50’s. I believe it was called the little eddies section of the river. It was a nice place with a sloping hill and plenty of room for picnics and the like.
    My family went there often. I also remember ice fishing at that site.

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