The Methuen Rail Trail Alliance

We are a nonprofit all volunteer group, dedicated to maintenance and improvement of the Rail Trail in Methuen. Organized in 2009, the MRTA has worked with the city of Methuen to develop and construct the 2.4 mile trail which connects with the Spicket Greenway in Lawrence and the Bike-Ped Corridor in Salem, NH.

The trail has great recreational, transportational, and economic potential and it is our goal to promote its use and to keep pushing for future development and improvement.
The MRTA volunteers maintain and clean the trail, organize local events, and work to acquire grants and donations to make the trail better and better.

•  Join our crew! Membership is $15 a year, which gets you 10% off from our sponsors Whirlaway Sports Center in Methuen and Buchika’s Ski and Bike in Salem, NH and a free Methuen Rail Trail Patch. Meetings are held at the Nevins Library, 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Officers are elected in March. Click Here to Join The  MRTA

• Become a sponsor! If you are a business owner and would like to sponsor the group or the trail, let us know. We can always use more help! Click Here to Become a Sponsor

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If you would like to print out a form and send in a check    Click Here for the MRTA Application form as a PDF.

Membership is $15 a year  Make the check out to METHUEN RAIL TRAIL ALLIANCE