Snakes alive

While out on the rail trail near the Spicket, Christy Decker Shaheeen and her family met a Methuen resident..the Northern Water Snake. ¬†¬†According to UMASS Amherst’s Snakes of Massachusetts they are active right now because they are looking for partners. So if you see one take a picture..but give them a wide berth.

Otter, Otter

Jeff Martineau grabbed some awesome pictures of an Otter living in the Spicket River along the the north section of the Rail Trail. Bring your binoculars and keep an eye out!

When you get out on the rail trail this year keep an eye out for a Great Horned Owl. He has taken up residence in one of the Great Blue Heron Nests out in the Rookery on the Spicket River. Specifically if you are standing on the trail looking west into the Spicket at all…