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I want to thank the following Methuen Businesses for thier generous donations to our recent trail race and kids scavenger hunt. We will be raffling off the rest of the prizes at the Fishing derby October 18th at Forest Lake and at the Fall Festival at Greycourt Park behind ciy hall.Tickets are $1 for 1, $3 for 5, $6 for 10 and the best deal $10 for 20. Tickets can also be purchased at our monthly meeting Tuesday October 14 7 pm Nevins library.

Methuen Credit Union                                      Mann`s Orchard                                          Target

Whirlaway Running store                                 Joe`s Crabshack                                        Olympia Sports

Country Kitchen                                                   Lattitude`s Fitness

Not Your Average Joe`s                                    Mcdonalds On Pelham st  

Fireside Resteraunt                                            Frdays`

Bada Bing`s                                                            Heavenly Donuts 




Adopt a trial signs are up on the mile marker posts. For information on adopting a section of the Methuen rail trail drop us an email. With the right donation you can get a sign with your company name on the mile marker posts.

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