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Methuen Rail Trail in winter

I am finally getting out to check on different parts of the trail in winter. Which turned out to be much more important than it sounds.

I finally got a looksee under the Oakland Ave bridge. Which was far too overgrown in summer and fall to get near.

AND I discovered at least 3 places along the trail where locals have been dumping snow; a LOT of snow. This isn’t a problem now, but will certainly be once folks are using the trail on a regular basis. It will have to be dealt with. I feel bad because it’s a good place to dump snow, if there is no one walking by.

This image is of a snow bank that almost fills the entire trail bed. Perhaps in a normally year, this is hardly noticeable.


more Methuen Rail Tail views

behind acadia mill, originally uploaded by jgodsey.

I hiked the Depot to Lawrence Line yesterday, however the rail bed is absolutely impassable from Union Street to behind the Granite Ave Apartments. If you can get on the right of way, it’s a pleasant walk or ride on your mountain bike, that leads up behind Chase St, the Acadia Mill and Malden Mills area. The rail bed rises up to a point where you are looking down on Stevens Pond and the Spicket.

Rail Bed above the spicket



UP5492vieweast, originally uploaded by jgodsey.

As it stands the 2.5 miles of Rail bed belongs to the MBTA. If Methuen wants to develop this property for use as a public Bike/Ped trail, we need to lease the land from the MBTA for 99 years.

The section that screams for use by the public runs north from the depot, under five corners, out behind Pine St. through the Nevins Bird Sanctuary, under 213, across MSPCA land, behind the Village Mall and extends parallel to Route 28, until it ends behind the IHOP. This section is only 1.45 miles. Without the trees, shrubs and some odd bits of trash here and there, it is a very nice walk in the country, best described as a cross between a meadow and a country lane.


Starting point

UP5496viewnorth, originally uploaded by jgodsey.

This is a what our trail looks like on it’s best days.
Some of the sections near Rail Road Street have a thick growth of small trees and shrubs. Nothing that can’t be removed with lopping shears and elbow grease.



UP5_3_9_hampshire st, originally uploaded by jgodsey.

This is our northern trail head, Pep Boys and Ihop are on the right and Hampshire Street is up another hundred yards or so. When Salem’s Transportation Corridor is complete end to end, this would be is southern trail head. I think the International House of Pancakes people better put in some bike racks.

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