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Rails from trails

There was a discussion on the Rail Trail Conservancy group about disposition of railroad ties. Every time a subject like this comes up, I feel very smug. Methuen has a limited number of obstacles to overcome to complete our trail and the ones we have are kinda puny. There are many things we can do with the leftover ties. We can GIVE them away to residents or landscapers. That should reduce the number quite drastically. WE can incorporate many of them into the project itself, simply reinforcement of embankments should consume a great number. The ones that have begun to decompose can be shredded for decorative mulch. after they have been searched for metal plates of course. And then if we STILL have some to get rid of, there are companies that will process them into even more mulch. I think this is not an issue we need to worry much about, our trail is very short and the percentage of intact ties is very small.


Happy holidays

Thank you to all who showed up at our mini-meetups! We have some new and enthusiastic ‘Friends of the trail.’ A general public meeting is still tentatively scheduled for sometime this winter, I think February will be an ideal time for it.

I don’t have any winter images of the trail, as my camera has gone to camera heaven. When I get a new one i will get out there and shoot us some winter wonderland.

Happy Holidays.



Methuen Rail Trail poster

This is an 11″ x 17″ color poster to download and put up.

Download pdf here..large hi res file (2.5mb) – it prints up nicely though.

I have been printing them at Fedex/Kinko’s for about $1.50 each.

So far we have one at Stop and Shop, Thwaites, the Safety Building, and the Nevins Library (well I left it, I don’t know where they put it.)

Let me know any other places you think will take such a poster.




MRT Trifold Brochure/Handout

We have a new brochure to help recruit and spread the word about the Rail Trail Project.

The brochure can be downloaded as a PDF file – MRT_HANDOUT_MAILER (282kb)

If folks could email it to anyone and everyone they know in town even if you don’t think they are interested, that person could know someone who is.

It can also be printed and mailed and left on counters all over town. I am going to try to mail out about 60 of them today.

Getting the word out and recruiting people is vitally important to the momentum of this project. We can’t let the opportunity pass us by. It can’t get any easier than this, our trail lies at the end of another trail which is in development. Not only will we have a wonderful greenway of our own for recreation but we will be connected to the entire community.

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