Upcoming October events

 MOONLIGHT WALK Sunday October 5th 7pm, meeting at the depot parking lot and heading south.

Monthly meeting: Tuesday October 14, 7pm at the Nevins Library, on  Broadway st in Methuen. Topics to include these upcoming events, money set aside in the state budget, DCR grant, birdwatching platform, and the float for the SANTA PARADE. (If anyone wants to volunteer to help or has a great idea for the float, please attend the meeting of forward the e-mail address below).

Monthly walk: Saturday october 18th.  We will be heading north to try the Windahm trail. Starting at the end nearest Cyr Lumber. 8:30am.

Methuen Fishing Derby: Saturday October 18th 9:30-2pm.  We will be setting up an informational table for this event wth maps, membership forms and oppurtunities to donate. We will aslo be selling rail trail shirts, bumper stickers and patches.

Looking for a few volunteers for both events. if interested, please contact Tim Vermette at tim.65@verizon.net to coordinate times.

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