Trail cutting

A few of us got out on the trail and continued the trail cutting work begun by Art, Fran and Jim. Between Jim and Tim, you can now follow the south side of the Utility Corridor fence all the way nearly to the river along rt 213. There is a CUT OFF point which will soon be marking, where you can fork off and go around the backside of the runoff pond (the one next to the trail) and come back around to ‘the point’ and the trail which leads back towards the Bridge. In essense what has been cut very closely resembles the handdrawn map which we started with.

We will continue to widen trails to accomodate snow shoeing and mark the major paths. There are many small tributary deer trails you can follow for birdwatching and wildlife sighting. There are many many tracks and signs, including a lot of beaver evidence.

Please think about visiting the Sanctuary in winter.

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