Rail Trail Clean Up Day Results!

We tackled a short section of track that parallels Pine St. And runs from parking lot south towards the Bridge at Five Corners. Unfortunately this area is filled with years of industrial waste from the businesses on Pine St and illegal dumping from houses on either side.
We focused on liftable items within 20 feet of the Rail Road tracks, even though the property does extend much further. Items that aren’t removable by hand will have to wait for a time when the area will be accessible by trucks and trailers and equipment.
Among the mostly metal detritus, there were approximately 13 tires, 5 electrical spools, 3 chairs, many asphalt shingles and 1 suitcase. Much of the industrial waste is unidentifiable, and seems to be general large trash pushed over the hill onto the rail road property.
Methuen Rail Trail Alliance Members who did such great work:
Julie Levesque
Tim Vermette and his sons Matt and T.J.
Rosanne and Ewald Apel and their children: Nikolas, Lukas and Jessica.
Rachel Banks
Kelly Tondo
Joyce Godsey

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