I meant to post this about five times in the last 2 weeks. I have been a little busy and I can count the number of times i have ridden my bike on one hand. I wanted to try out Derry’s new pavement..and the decision is that pavement is SWEET – no pavement is painful.

Derry has paved what looks like a bit over half their trail. Where the trail had originally led you inside a large culvert under Bowers Rd, it now veers off to one side and up and over the street through a new set of bollards, and continues unpaved on the other side of the road about 60 feet away.

The paved section is as sweet as Windham or Nashua River, nicely spaced room enough for people and bicycles to pass nicely. The unpaved section is actually much better than I had expected, the only unfriendly sections were either rocky or sandy. Quite navigable by wide tire bikes, but it would be inappropriate for children or any bicycles that aren’t designed for serious offroading.

When Derry finishes their pavement project and connects to Windham, it will serve as the anchor for Salem and Methuen’s eventually link up. I ride these sections and it breaks my heart that I can’t continue on for another leisurely 7 miles and end up at my own door.

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