Published: August 04, 2009 03:29 am

Derry bike path paved
By Eric Parry

DERRY — The first section of the town's bike path has been paved as
part of a $315,000 project.

The asphalt was laid two weeks ago and only minor cleanup work
remains, according to public works Director Mike Fowler.

The first paved section runs from Kendall Pond Road to Bowers Road.
When finished, the two-mile bike path will connect from downtown Derry
to the four-mile, paved bike path in Windham.

Fowler said he's pleased with the work completed so far and the rest
of that one-mile section should be done within the next two weeks.
Some grass needs to be planted and the shoulders of the trail graded,
Fowler said.

Erich Whitney, president of the Derry Rail Trail Alliance, said the
group is raising money to pave the rest of the path but doesn't expect
that work to be completed this summer.

The group still needs to raise about $50,000 to finish the paving, he said.

To help pay for the rest of the work, Whitney said the Derry Rail
Trail Alliance has teamed up with similar groups in Salem and Windham
to apply for federal grants. If they can secure enough funding,
Whitney said he would like to fix a culvert beneath Bowers Road.

"It'd be nice to have a bigger tunnel so people don't have to duck
their heads," he said.

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