That’s it. In a nutshell. It is not that Methuen doesn’t care about people on bikes, as a community we don’t seem to WANT people on bikes. Obviously not on the roads, as any biker can tell you of close calls with scary cars and broken curbstones, but they don’t even want to just let bikers ‘BE’.

In celebration of today’s Bike to Work day or week or whatever they hell it is, I figured I’d do what I could and use my bike to do a bit of shopping over at Twaites. (I am still not brave enough to try to go so far as Stop and Shop or Demoulas.) I got across Gaunt Square easy peasy and decided to take our lovely scenic bridge and skip the challenge that is Five Corners. And THAT’s when I almost took a header on this lovely freaking surprise. The morons at Mill Falls Apartment took their damaged and never installed bike rack from the parking lot and tossed it onto the bridge. If I weren’t going so slowly I wouldn’t be typing to you now, I’d be sitting somewhere with a gash on my head wondering what the hell just happened.

Now I know they don’t WANT a bike rack there else they would have one that was properly installed and wasn’t dented by snow plows, but simply shoving it out of the way like this is irresponsible.


Nevertheless I DID make it to Twaites and took a little side trip to Mexico Lindo to pick up a few noshes. Ignoring the fact that as a city we have about 7 bike racks to our name. (45 thousand people 7 bike racks..go figure) But I did have a nicely bloodless trip.

Now I need to find some removable panniers if I am going to do this kind of thing on a regular basis. Cause right now I am wishing I had stopped at Rostens and bought a few beers. So I can sulk in silence. Is it just too much to ask why we don’t like BIKES here?


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