In my quest to check out all the local rail-rail trails, I did pick up a few books on the subject.

New England Biking
(2005) by Melissa Kim is your general travel guide. It lists some bike rides in all the states that incorporate road biking and trail biking, but obviously doesn’t focus on rail trails. It does index all these trails by scenery, difficulty, distance etc…if you are interested in expanding your biking opportunities all over New England this is a damn fine book with good general maps and explicit directions (something you don’t often see. (author’s site)

Rail-Trails New England (2007) from the Official Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is the official guidebook to same. It covers trails in various states of development including some that are more appropriate for mountain biking. Lovely book it also includes the contact info for the caretaker organization. Hopefully this book will do nothing but get bigger in future but it is a great overview of the state of multi-use trails in New England. (publisher’s site)

New Hampshire Rail Trails by Charles F Martin is one of my favorite books thus far. Trying to be all inclusive Martin has included proposed but likely trails such as Salem’s Bike-Ped corridor. It has good maps and directions, but the books appeal is the integration of the history of railroad right of way with the present use of the property and dense with images of the roads, buildings, bridges and waterways that surround the trails. I seriously wish there was a similar book for the Massachusetts side of the line. (author’s website)

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