FHWA Course on Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation

I stumbled on this super resource for adapting for Bike-Ped transportation.
I was most interested in – Lesson 20: Restriping Existing Roads With Bike Lanes,
which gives us many options on how to work with what we have.

Federal Highway Administration
Course on Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation


Lesson 1: The Need for Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility (PDF, 269 Kb)
Lesson 2: Bicycling and Walking in the United States Today (PDF, 179 Kb)
Lesson 3: Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Overview (PDF, 387 Kb)
Lesson 4: Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Types (PDF, 1.65 Mb)
Lesson 5: Adapting Suburban Communities for Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel (PDF, 181 Kb)
Lesson 6: Neo-Traditional Neighborhood Design (PDF, 678 Kb)
Lesson 7: Using Land-Use Regulations to Encourage Non-Motorized Travel (PDF, 3.5 Mb)
Lesson 8: Tort Liability and Risk Management (PDF, 149 Kb)
Lesson 9: Bicycle and Pedestrian Connections to Transit (PDF, 250 Kb)
Lesson 10: Off-Road Trails (PDF, 105 Kb)
Lesson 11: Traffic Calming (PDF, 1.13 Mb)
Lesson 12: Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities in Work Zones (PDF, 108 Kb)
Lesson 13: Walkways,Sidewalks and Public Spaces (PDF, 273 Kb)
Lesson 14: Pedestrian Signing and Pavement Markings (PDF, 195 Kb)
Lesson 15: Pedestrian Accommodations at Intersections (PDF, 327 Kb)
Lesson 16: Mid-Block Crossings (PDF, 453 Kb)
Lesson 17: Pedestrians With Disabilities (PDF, 72 Kb)
Lesson 18: Shared Roadways (PDF, 1.2 Mb)
Lesson 19: Bike Lanes (PDF, 460 Kb)
Lesson 20: Restriping Existing Roads With Bike Lanes (PDF, 341 Kb)
Lesson 21: Bicycle Facility Maintenance (PDF, 69 Kb)
Lesson 22: Bicycle Parking and Storage (PDF, 178 Kb)
Lesson 23: European Approaches to Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Design (PDF, 212 Kb)
Lesson 24: Education,Encouragement, and Enforcement (PDF, 153 Kb)

PDF of the entire 282pages (12.4mb)

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