Derry Rail Trail

The Derry Rail Trail
Starts from behind the Depot Steakhouse on West Broadway, it terminates at Windham Road where it connects to the Windham Trail.

It is paved for much of it, as is the rest of Derry downtown Bike Loop, but even the unpaved section is walkable and even bikeable, if you don’t mind a few rocks and sandy spots. Given that it is flat and straight, it was surprisingly navigable on my 40 year old bike.

I did get stumped by the culvert though, the road rises up across the path like a stile, but the mountain bikers have conveniently carved ways around even that.

I cannot wait until the Derry Rail Trail Alliance has completed their fund drive, this Derry/Windham conduit is a lovely way to spend a late afternoon.

Derry Rail

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